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Friday, 31 August 2012

New Best Friend !!

Hey Bloggie !! Long time no see !! Ok ok !! Juz wanna say that I love my new officially BEST FRIEND ! She's may be 13 but she understands me ! She's may be from Pakistan , but she never ditches me like the others ! Yea and I love her like my own sister

Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Woah .. That Was Unexpected ..

Yo kay ... I changed my Facebook profile pic .. and suddenly ..
I have 101 NOTI-FREAKIN-FICATIONS !! Woah ... !

Saturday, 19 May 2012

Skool Life = Owsum ! I guess .. Hehe !

Ello ..
Whoa, my blog, they're dusty like an old diary book ! LOL ! BTW, my skool life = Owsum + Buzy + Tired + My focusness in class is increasing + Still shy and quiet .. I know, rite !?
Well, last test I'm no. 2 in my class .. yay ! But in this week's EXAM , I gotta be no. 1 in my class .. and as for reward .. Im gonna get The Hunger Games : Catching Fire ! Yaaay ! I hope I'll be no. 1 ! Wish me luck !!!

Saturday, 10 March 2012

Im sick of it !! SICK . OF . IT !!

Hey bloggie, long time no see huh? Sorry I let u dusty for a while ..
Today is the worst day ever and today also shows how being to nice is kinda bad ..
Last noon, I was taking care / accompany my mom (u know she's sick rite?) while everyone went shopping their ASS off .. there's only me and my mom in that big ol' house ! When all of them got back home, I was waiting for my favourite aunt to come home (she went teaching extra classes which the owner of that class is 'sick') .. before that, she told me that we're going to the beach after she got back home .. while waiting for her, my lil-sis-who-always-ruined-my-life told my dad that we're going to "play sand" on the shore .. hearing that, my dad keep babbling about theres lots of people died on that very own beach (yea rite) ..
10 million years later, my aunt reached home and guess what Bloggie ?
They repay my good deeds all this time by not allowing me to go to that beach !! How nice of em !
After that, without waiting any more secs, I ran to my room, lock the door and cried my eyes out !! Then I 'passed out' for about 3 hours ..
The End .. moral of the story ..

Saturday, 28 January 2012

My Birthday Is Getting Near ..

It's almost February .. that means .. my birthday is coming !!
What's my birthday wish that I hope become reality :
- Win Tiger Beat and Pop's XBox Kinect
-Win Tiger Beat and Pop's Swag Bag
-Hope I Found My Real Friends Who Will Be There For Me Anytime Any Place And Doesn't Ignored Me

Start Skolah !!

Tidaaaaaaak !! Esok dh start skool ! X brapa weady la .. sigh .. 

Friday, 20 January 2012

My New Family .. Class 2 Bestari .. #love

Seriously ! I love my class ! They were like my second family ! And they treat me (boys and girls) like I've known them for a very long time !! But still , the boys keep teasing me and I'm not offended .. LOL ! They always called me by 'Aifa Nirwana' .. Haha !! Can't they spell or read ? LOLOLOL !
Ahhhh .... Good times ... Can't wait to get back to school ..

Wednesday, 11 January 2012

I Like .. I Mean .. I LOVE My New School !!

OMG ! I friggin LOVE my new skool !!! Words cant describe how happy am I !
The girls treated me NICELY .. they never IGNORED me .. they're just SO NICE !
While the boys .. well, they're just so friggin funny !
And the best of all, half of my class, looks like my classmate in my 1st skool ! How awesome is that ?!! They're just remind me of my 1st skool .. i think when Im moving to my old house, Im wanna go to my 1st skool back ..
SMK Air Merah .. In my heart .. ALWAYS :)

Tuesday, 10 January 2012

New Name ... LOL !

Kt skolah bwu,, kite ada nma bwu... hehe....
X yah bgtau all already know why ..

Sunday, 8 January 2012

Can't Wait For .. Wonderstruck !

OMG ! I really can't wait for Taylor S's new album, Wonderstruck just like her perfume.. Wonderstruck !

~I'm wonderstruck blushing all the way home, I spend forever wondering if you knew I was enchanted to meet you~

Saturday, 7 January 2012

A story about a lonely girl being ignored by her schoolmates ..

Only God knows how lonely and sad she is.
Crystal's just a 13 years old girl, with chicken pox scars on her face and her body. Her parents tried very hard to    
make the scars fade, but it's useless. The scars on her face wont fade and it has been 3 years until Crystal herself gave up and just hoping that one day her scars will fade and leave her face clean and clear. But in school, Crystal
were ignored by her friends and classmates. Sometimes she wondered, why does these kids were mean to her, maybe they forgot that those beauty are only for a while in this world, He can gave and took it anytime He want. Only at home, her dog, Sugar understands what Crystal feels. Crystal always hoping that she can tell her problems to her parents, but, she doesn't want to because she knew it would broke their hearts since her parents the one who want her to study in that cluster school. Everyday in school, she would be ignored and left alone all of her classmates are having fun with their friends. Even when lunch time, she ate alone. When the teacher are not in the class, her classmates would chatting while studying. And Crystal just sit alone in the back of the class like an invisible ghost. Nobody ever notice her sadness in her eyes. Oh how she's hoping she would have a real friend that she could laugh with, share secrets, cry together and even went to toilet together. But that's only in her dream. In real life, nobody ever notice her even when she's sitting beside them. Crystal's only friend is Sugar. Even her dog understand her sadness, why her classmates didn't?
Sometimes, she's wondering, maybe she was born this way. Born to be ignored ..

This is a true story ...

Wednesday, 4 January 2012

2nd day at skoooool .. Me gustaaa !! (I like)

Best giler kt skolah ari ni, walaupon bru 2 hari kt skolah baru, depa suma layan aku mcm aku dh lama dh kt skolah tu, I FELT LIKE IN HEAVEN! Yg pling best, depa suma terkejut dan bangga sbb aku bleh ckp cina, cgu pon terkejut.. hehe :p
Dh la most of students in my class .. muka depa nk sama mcm kwn2 aku dlu masa kt skolah air merah! Mmng best la skolah Jelawat tuuuu! :)